drupal 8

In Drupal 8 Multisite setup is almost same as the Drupal 7.

Drupal Also explain full documentation of the multisite setup here, But we make it quiet simple in following steps:

  • Firstly setup your subdomain to points to drupal 8 directory, lets assume it as site1.domain.com
  • Create a new database for your site1.domain.com
  • Now make a directory in sites/ folder, it should be like this /sites/site1 .
  • Copy default.settings.php in site1 directory,and rename to settings.php.
  • Now Create files directory in site1 folder.
  • Then Rename example.sites.php to sites.php in sites folder and put below code at bottom of file (change names according to your domain name and folder name) : -

$sites = [
   'domain.com' => 'default',
   'site1.domain.com' => 'site1',

  • Now if all goes perfect, then open "site1.domain.com" in your browser and you will the setup or Installation of drupal 8.

All Done.