drupal 8

This is small tutorial to how to update the Drupal 8 core manually using shell or FTP, Let start -

  • Firstly take the backup of your codebase and database, put the site in Maintenance mode, so it is not accessible by any unauthenticated access.
  • Now remove the following folder form drupal directory :
  1. core
  2. vendor
  3. all the files of drupal directory (NOTE: All files not Folders)
  • After deleting those you should remain with these folder modules,profiles,sites,themes.
  • Now download the latest drupal 8 from drupal website, Extract it and copy core, vendor and all the files to your root drupal directory
  • Now run update.php on browser, like http://example.com/update.php
  • If now error found you are sucessfully update drupal 8.

For more details kindly visit the drupal.org update section of drupal 8 here.