How you can get Mailchimp API KEY

By Follow steps below, you can find the api key or create the api key at mailchimp and use it to your website to connected the site with mailchimp to collect the subscribe in fastest way.

  1. Login to Mailchimp account 
  2. On upper right side MY ACCOUNT >> Profile, click on profile link
  3. On Profile Page, under Extra >> API Keys
  4. Create API Key and a New API will generated or you can find your old keys here.

Below steps with images:



How to get your MailChimp LIST ID

Mailchimp is marketing automation platform and is provide email for marketing your product or business whatever you like, today its most trusted service providing all over the globe. It is also provided the some service that connected your website and perform peoples to your website.

Today we are writing this to those who want to find list id in our Mailchimp account, because on login there are many services provided, with this tutorial you can easily find that, so let start in steps.

1) Login to your mailchimp account form the login page.