Drupal 8: check user is logged in or not in *.html.twig

In the new era the drupal8 twig is introduce, so old basic php drupal hook is not useful in theme templates. Now twig is power under the template and if you want to know the user is logged in or Not you can use the following method in your template like node.html.twig or html.html.twig or page.html.twig etc 

{% if logged_in %}
 !!!! do you stuff !!!
{% else %}
 !!!! do you stuff !!!
{% endif %}

Its Just a simple thing helps to add script, or your static html or dynamic coding 

Happy Coding, Have Fun

Create a Flag link programmatically and render flag link in twig template drupal 8

This article is refer to generate the flag link programmatically and render in drupal 8 twig template, before in drupal 7 its was quiet easy to render or generate flag link in just a single line of code. see below 

drupal 7 :

<?php flag_create_link('bookmarks', $node->nid); ?>

But In drupal 8 twig is comes in picture so to do in that we have to one extra step, see below 

Drupal 8:

Import and Export Drupal 8 Views, Or Import and Export any configuration Drupal 8

Import and Export configuration is the basic protocol to staging the website or production website deployment, In Drupal 7, we need the extra modules to import and export or we can use features modules to do so.

But In the drupal 8 that settings / configuration can we imported directly from the core system, Drupal 8 provide the system in core functionality, if you want to do this kind of stuff, please follow this tutorial.

In this tutorial we can see how to import and export a view, you can do full configuration also, so lets start

How to override different version of Jquery in Drupal 8 using theme

Drupal 8 use its own jquery version by default and if you want to use the other version of jQuery instead of default than this tutorials steps is for you, sometimes we need different version to other plugins and libraries to work if you are using external libraries or something like that . Follow the steps 

1) we need to create the "libraries-override"  attribute in yourtheme.info.yml

  core/jquery: yourtheme/jquery-custom

2) Second download and placed your js file in theme folder like example:


Drupal 8 add custom menu classes to using menu.html.twig

In Drupal 8 Twig templates give extra power to drupal to add dynamic content in twig style, In this tutorial we can see how we can add the custom menu classes to menu ul li using menu.html.twig.

If you are creating your own theme or custom theme in drupal 8 then to overwrite the menu class we need to override the menu.html.twig template to our theme directory, so copy menu.html.twig form drupal core template to our theme directory

Core template path: [drupal_root]/core/modules/system/templates/menu.html.twig


Create Node drupal 8 programmatically with image upload using custom module

As we know drupal 8 use symphony, so module structure of drupal 8 is change and workflow functionality of doing thing also change. we can make Drupal 7 module procedure oriented but in drupal 8 module needs to follow object oriented MVC architecture.

In this tutorail we learn how can we create the node programmatically in drupal 8 with image upload using custom module.

Let say module name is "nodecreator"

1) To Create a module we need a nodecreator.info.yml file


Uncaught TypeError: CKEDITOR.tools.object.keys is not a function

Intergation of code snippet with ckeditor, cause this error "Uncaught TypeError: CKEDITOR.tools.object.keys is not a function". This issue is also here on drupal website.

According to updates the solution is quiet simple as mention as the issue page drupal.org.


Update the file "/libraries/codesnippet/plugin.js"  this code


Render a drupal node d8 twig template

Render a Drupal node in drupal 8 twig template and module PHP code is a bit different from Drupal 7 because Drupal 8 uses Symfony and twig format, follow the step and you will available to render a node in Drupal 8 templates 

Step 1.

create hook_preprocess_page in your yourtheme.theme file 

and paste code (rename your theme name at the place of hook)

$nid = 130;
$entity_type = 'node';
$view_mode = 'teaser';


Drupal 8 correct a word by default browser auto correct options on textarea field causing by CKEditor

If you are facing the problem to to correct the word in drupal 8 text because of copy and paste default popup on right, we have a simple trick to get over it 


If you facing above problem with Drupal 8 text area simple press ctrl and then right click of your mouse, you will see the your browser default auto correct option like below