Scroll to top button with html and jquery

Are you searching to add a button scroll to top, then this article is for you.

Open your html page in any editor of your wish(sublime or editplus etc) and add below html to your last of your page (before the "</html>" closed)

<div><a href="#top" id="top">TOP</a></div>


a#top {
    bottom: 5%;
    position: fixed;
    right: 5%;
    font-size: 40px;




Easy Way to use tooltip with HTML tags

The easiest way to use tooltip on any tags of HTML

1. Span Tag

"<span title="Hii, This is ToolTip">Hover me</span></div>"

Hover me
2. On links tag(anchor tag)

"<a href="" title="My Blog">Myblog</a>"


Please Hover on yellow text to see simple tooltip Example within the post and it may be customize using css also.

I know this is simple HTML trick may this will helps you.