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Hey there, This article is based on wordpress theme. Many of us know the wordpress has simple interface and very Useful CMS and easy to understand admin structure. there are plenty of themes and plugin available that helps you to look your website beautiful and useful for your users.

Today I want to tell you about a website where you can generate your own themes in just few seconds, its provides you the basic structure of your theme and then you can customize it according to your wish.

The website is


Here you just need to add Theme and Click on generate and theme you just to need to upload the theme with your admin interface of wordpress follow the steps below.

You can also select the Advanced option to add author name, URI and description to your theme also its provides woocommerce boilerplate feature that helps you to write code repeated in many places without alteration as scaffolding.


As you hit on generate it will download a theme and you just create the theme without any code in just 2 seconds.

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