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We all know that when we want to delete the extra large folders and folders of programming files from windows is very time-consuming. so today we see how to do that in a fast way. To be honest it will take time but not as much that the normal process will do.

So Let's see that  - 

1. Open that folder on windows files


2. Open Command prompt by typing CMD  on files path or other way.


3. Type command to removes all the files from the current folder 

del /f/q/s *.* > nul
/f option to force the deletion of read-only files.
/q option enables quiet mode
/s option executes the command for all files in any folder inside the folder you’re trying to remove
*.* tells the del command to delete every file 
> nul disables the console output improving performance and speed


4. Now go back to previous folder using 

cd ..

5. Now if you check in that directory all files will get deleted and folders are still there, to remove all the folders just use the below command.

rmdir /q/s FOLDER-NAME
/q switch to enable quiet mode
/s option to run the command on all the folders
FOLDER-NAME is the variable you need to specify to delete the folder you want.


6. It done, your folders and files are deleted.

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