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If you get the same error like below in VScode editor then you are the right place to 

"PHP executable not found. Install PHP 7 and add it to your PATH or set the php.executablePath setting"


Solution: this error is shown because the PHP IntelliSense extension in VScode editor.

1) To solve this open setting button or go to file -> preferences ->  settings

2) Search php and select PHP IntelliSense like below Image


3) Edit settings.json and add code with the path of php.exe file, you can do with xampp path or download php from windows and set path like below image

    "window.zoomLevel": 0,
    "php.validate.executablePath": "F:\\xampp\\php\\php.exe",
    "php.executablePath": "F:\\xampp\\php\\php.exe"


Hopes this helps, if not please comment to get the solution


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Duan Camargo (not verified)
09 May 2021
Thanks, it worked perfectly!!!

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